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We chose Fred Adams because every experience we've had with him has further proven his professionalism, i.e. knowledge of the business, efficiency, reliability, prompt solutions, honesty, good sales techniques, respect from other agents. On top of that is his down to earth friendliness and caring, good listening skills and sensitivity. He does the work well and makes the work on our end a pleasure as easy as possible. We think we benefited from the freedom from worry about any aspect because we felt we could rely on his experience, integrity and advice as well as promptness to alert us to any new developments. Furthermore, he follows up with cookies! Not only are the cookies delicious but it suggests he remembers us even after the years have passed. How can we resist?

Molly and Larry Hannah

We knew Fred from past experience. Our overall impression was good as he was professional and consistent with a good awareness of houses on the market. We would recommend him to our friends.

Sam Stern and Beth Rietveld

Fred Adams is very knowledgeable on Corvallis real estate. He listens to what your needs are and then works to find a home that is right for you.

Linda Selby and Bruce Jones

We came ot Fred on a personall recommendation from our son. we found him to be professional, had good attention to detail and always returned phone calls. We think Fred is the ultimate professional. As a fellow realtor (practicing in California) I appreciate this professionalism and his great follow through. It was a pleasure working with him.

Elaine Tucker

We highly recommend Fred Adams as thee realtor for anyone looking to buy a home. He was very professional in his dealings with us and his intuition proved to be right in finding us our dream home. Now the rest of the story. Patricia and I moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Corvallis Oregon for the purpose of expanding our business. We had never been to Corvallis so we needed a realtor who could be of more service then normally called for. We first tried using 2 other realtors but neither listened to what we wanted and just sent us info on homes they wanted to sell. We finally connected to Fred. Fred ascertained what we both wanted in a home and sent us listings that matched our qualifications. He also connected us to a fantastic mortgage broker who qualified us for a loan. We then sheduled a trip to Corvallis Upon arriving for our first time in the town we prepared ourselves for the chore of house hunting. Fred showed us 9 properties. One of these turned out to be exactly what both my wife and myself knew to be the home we wanted. We then made an offer and within 24 hours an agreement was signed. I wish things had gone so smooth on the other end, but that is another story. Needless to say Fred treated us very well through the whole process and contibuted greatly to our fantastic first impression of Corvallis and its wonderful people. We now consider Fred Adams a friend, and to us that is about the highest compliment we can give anyone we do associate with. With our highest of regards and greatest of thanks.

Bill and Patricia Grissom