Balance, are we finally finding balance!?!

Balance, are we finally finding balance!?! To me one of the major signs of a healthy market is balance. We all know the old axiom of supply and demand. When one is out of balance there is an unevenness in the marketplace. That almost always leads to stronger than normal trends. Since coming out of the recession it seemed that pent up demand fueled many (nearly most) markets back to near pre-recession pricing. That pent up demand lead to a very busy sales season and did another interesting thing. Many properties who had owners that were “under water” in their mortgages were pretty much unable to sell. Increasing prices removed many of those “under water” mortgages which allowed owners to place them on the market without a short sale. That, too, increased the inventory. Margaret Kelly CEO or Remax International was interviewed on Bloomberg TV recently. I like to hear what she has to say as she has a better handle on what the national scene is. Below is the video of that interview which ties into what I had to say above and gives even more statistical evidence for this balance, or pending balance.

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