Benefits provided by American Home Shield and their home protection plan.

American Home Shield is the home owner warranty company that I used most often with my clients here in the Corvallis and environs local real estate market. While they might not be the least expensive out there I have found that they seem to be the most responsive to the homeowner’s claims and needs. Bill Hurlbutt, who is my local representative sent out this message recently and I found it very interesting and felt it to be something worth passing on:

Bill writes: “Attached is an article that appeared in the Oregonian newspaper recently and is a great lead-in to the benefits provided by American Home Shield and our home protection plan.  The following are two (2) excerpts from the article:


Price vs. quality
Dawson and other repair people contend that for manufacturers to keep machines at the prices consumers want to pay, quality has come down. Consider what your parents paid for an appliance 20 years ago, say $500 for a washer, a chunk of change back then. Washers can still be found for $500, they say, yet those models often feature thinner plastics, fewer features or components designed for computers or electronics that don’t do well near water or heat.” – Thoughts:  You get what you pay for… a cheaper price can result in a lesser quality product.

“Many companies no longer offer long-term warranties, repair companies say, and replacement parts once stocked 10 years deep are in some cases available for only a few years after a model is introduced.” – Thoughts:  Without having AHS to call on, what if a homeowner had their own repair technician out and they couldn’t locate the parts?  Not only is the homeowner out the repairs costs for that technician, but now also faced with the expense of replacing the appliance out-of-pocket.  If we can’t repair it, we will replace it!

Here is a link to the full article in the Oregonian newspaper.

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