Clients Love New Technology

One of the biggest time savers and convenience products to come along for some time has been on line document signing. I have been using Doc U Sign for nearly a year now and my clients love it. Instead of waiting for poor quality faxes or poorly scanned documents via email a quick process allows me to scan selected forms and agreements into a system that then emails them to my clients. The system explains how to select their own style “font” for their signature then directs them to the places that need to be initialed and or signed (just by clicking in the appropriate spaces) right on their computer screen. Once they have completed that several minute task the form automatically gets transmitted to any next person who needs to do the same and then automatically comes back to me. You cannot image how many extra trips back and forth to the office or a clients house this has saved. A day (or longer) process can be accomplished in several minutes. That can be really critical when you are dealing with time sensitive materials. More than once my clients have expressed how much they love this service and thank me for providing it to them. Well worth the cost!