Following the Herd

I am continually surprised to see how fear leads some to cowering in the background while others step out and move ahead.  As the end of our recession becomes increasingly tangible it is interesting to see how investors across the country are buying up homes for rentals.  What do they know that most others don’t?  Actually nothing!  They don’t really know anything that the rest of us don’t know.  They just have the intuition, the guts, and the desire to move beyond the herd.  They want to lead the herd not amble around inside the herd.  THEY are the ones who get ahead.  They are the ones that win the prize and pick off some of the best homes for sale.  They are the ones who will get to retire early in more comfort as they live of the rental properties that they stepped out of the confines of the herd to purchase.

I know I have used this quote before but it is too good not to use again. This is one of Warren Buffett’s truisms, “I will tell you how to become rich!  Be fearful when others are greedy.  Be greedy when others are fearful!”  That is a mouthful I think.  If you are failing to invest in Corvallis area real estate, if you look at Corvallis area homes for sale and wonder, should I, should I not, listen to Warren Buffett.  The time is not far away when the greed will return.  Everyone will run to local housing for investments.  Why not do that now while the prices are a little lower and interest rates are still amazingly and historically low?  Perhaps the mediocrity of ambling along with the herd is just too sufficatingly easy and numbing.  Paralysis by fear is a well known enemy.  Indecision is its enabling by product. Does each of us actually have within us to push beyond the comfy herd boundaries?  Of course the answer is yes.  It just takes the power to believe that you can.

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Fred Adams