Got Some Haulin’ To Do?

Repeat and referral business has been the backbone of my real estate business for as long as I can remember. I really try to provide the best service I can for my clients and in appreciation they constantly come back and then refer me to friends, family and relatives.  I have been doing this so long now that I am selling homes to the kids of many of my clients who may have just been toddlers the first time I met them.  Now they are back to buy their own home. My how time marches on!

Many of you know and have taken advantage of my standing offer to help you with several
“office level” services including Notary signings.  I fully realize that most of you have access to these services either at home or work but for those of you that don’t I have been happy to provide them at no cost.  No need to run down to Kinkos for those services any longer.  In addition I have just been able to add a service that I have been wanting to provide for quite some time.  I just invested in a pic- up truck that is exclusively for the use of my clients.  How often have you wished you had a friend with a truck to pick up some bark dust, haul off tree trimmings, move furniture or pick up that big screen TV from Costco?  Now you do have a friend with a truck and he WANTS you to use it. Just give me a call and I will get you the keys.  It is parked right here at my office ready and waiting for you.

I appreciate each and every one of you and am always looking for ways to show that.

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Fred Adams