“Happiness is what you make it. Always has been, always will be”.

I have a plaque on the wall of my office that says “Happiness is what you make it. Always has been, always will be”. I received a good example of that this week. A few months ago I had the pleasure to the list the home of a dear lady who is a friend of the family. She was very reasonable to work with and the home was very attractive. What could go wrong, right?!? Well it did and the story about what went wrong isn’t all that interesting but a series of unforeseen and frankly bizarre circumstances caused her home to sell very quickly and then sale fall apart just as quickly not once but twice! Neither case really had anything to do with the house but rather with some very unusual circumstances of the buyers in both cases. I forgot to say at the beginning that the seller knew that she needed to make this move to simplify her life but was obviously having emotional difficulty in letting go of this home in which she had so many sweet memories.

I have been selling real estate now for over 30 years, most of them right here in the Corvallis area and no matter how long I have been practicing it still makes me feel personally responsible when things don’t go right for my clients.  In this case there was nothing anyone could do.  They just happened.  Needless to say each time I needed to communicate with this remarkable woman I felt low and disappointed that I had to deliver the news that I had.  The odd thing was that even though she was very good at acknowledging the disappointment at the turn of events our conversation always turned to positive and uplifting thoughts.  I wasn’t leading her, she was leading me!

Our communication throughout the eventual sale and subsequent closing (interestingly enough to the first buyer that had originally walked away!) was always good.  She had lots of questions as we went though and I did my best to answer immediately and tried to keep her apprised of what was yet to come and possible pitfalls and hurdles that we approached and got over.  All this time she was sweet and reassured although still nervous because of our difficult beginning.  Near the end she came to me with a sweet yet somewhat all-knowing smile and announced to me that she had finally figured out why she was predestined to experience these difficulties in the sale of this home.  It was simply that she was struggling even more than I knew with the eventual separation from this beloved home and the great universe sensing this provided just the right amount of struggle to help make the eventual parting largely a relief to ease the pain of leaving and to solidify in her mind this need for change.  Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.  This outstanding lady personifies that plaque that I quoted earlier and I hope I think of her every time I glance over at those true words.

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Fred Adams