HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Selling your home over the winter holiday season.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS takes on a new meaning if you are attempting to sell your home over our rather extended winter holiday season. The nearly automatic, knee-jerk reaction is that it is common sense to pull your home for sale off the market during this busy, emotional time of the year. I often counsel my sellers just the opposite. People are looking for new homes 365 days a year. There is no vacation from life changes and no rhyme or reason dictating people only moving during the summer months. True, spring and summer are the traditional buying/selling seasons but the need to change a residence doesn’t always limit itself to just that part of the calendar! Keep in mind that relocation often involves families with children and those families often use vacation periods to go on those searches. That way the “kids” are more emotionally invested in the move and are not loosing precious hours in the class room to be part of the adventure.

Anyone looking for a home over the holidays is certainly a more motivated “looker”.  The demand for enough hours in the day seems to increase dramatically this time of year and casual looking falls way to the side.  The holiday home buyer is serious and nearly always more motivated.  Couple this with the commonly accepted notion that you should remove your home from the market during this season and it creates a rather unnatural and probably temporary supply and demand skew.

“Yeah, but I don’t want all those muddy feet tramping through my house at this time of year.  I am frequently expecting more than normal social situations and am already struggling with keeping my home in great shape for these planned and sometimes unplanned events”.  Good, I say.  Then your home is nearly always ready for short notice showings!  Plus, who could deny that your home may just possibly be at its most-charming, warm and inviting best during this season!  Keep in mind too, that although the lookers may be more serious they will certainly be less plentiful at this time.  The number of showings will drop dramatically but the importance of each one of those showings will increase just as dramatically.  Have I painted enough of a win/win situation yet for you? If this still concerns you we can adjust the showing instructions so that you can have more control over when those might take place.  You know that no one wants to show up in the middle of your dinner party to take a look at your home.  You can take that fear right off the plate!

Certainly it is your choice.  You always dictate what you think is best for you.  It just seems fairer to you to consider this alternative viewpoint that could very well work in your favor!

Best of the holiday season to each of you!

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Fred Adams