It’s Actually Easier to be Honest!

I often tell people that I am not smart enough or quick enough to be an effective liar. To me it is a real talent but not one that I aspire too. It takes a lot of “smarts” to efficiently remember who you have told what and be able to continue on with a thread of lies that remain consistent and credible. I have met professionals before that profess to believe in telling clients “what they think those clients want to hear”, then they set out to see if they can make that become the truth. I could never keep up with that. I find it tough on one hand to be constructively as honest as I can but truthfully much easier than keeping up with an untruth that needs to morph and change to fit the situation. See what I mean, too hard!! In this case simple honesty is better and in the long run it pays back as your credibility just grows and grows rather than suspicion lurking in the corners. The “sunlight” of truth always triumphs although it can have its challenging moments. One other trait that I have is that even though my memory is not as great as it used to be. I ALWAYS remember when I have had an encounter that leaves me knowing that I have been lied to or mislead. My reptilian brain stores that away and is always brought to the surface when dealing with that person or institution a 2nd time. Funny how some things stick! Somehow I don’t think I am alone in that trait.

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Fred Adams