It’s So Much Better When We All Get Along!

I am continually amazed at the “win at all costs” attitude that springs up from time to time with fellow Realtors and/or their clients.  There are some Realtors in my Corvallis workplace that are somewhat notorious  for that attitude and I expect and am prepared to deal with that philosophy from them but more often it just pops up unexpectedly from fellow brokers that are normally level headed and fair-minded.  When it shows up in these unexpected moments it really catches me off guard.  I realize that it is kind of a panic response that is pulled out of a back pocked with the rationalization that we are trying to “protect” our clients when some negotiations have not gone as smoothly as normal but there are almost always other ways of working through a potential conflict.

It is my experience after 35 years as a full time Realtor that the only real reason any transaction goes together and STAYS together is because there is both a buyer and a seller that want it to.  Sure there will be disagreements and some disappointments along the way but in the end both get something of value from the exchange and both sides are glad that it took place.  If bickering, threats and intimidations have been part of that negotiation mix it is doubtful that both sides will leave feeling satisfied.  When that is the case it is very likely that at least one of the professionals involved or perhaps all the professionals involved will not leave this transaction with their reputations unsullied.  Word travels fast in a small town!

One of the hints that I always try to give new Realtors is to always treat their fellow Realtors in such a manner that they will look forward to having another transaction with them.  It is a shortsighted thought process that tempts you to pull out the boxing gloves in a transaction in order to WIN for your client.  The potential of possibly winning that round will roughen up all the edges of this transaction and will likely cost you a great deal of cooperation and flexibility between then and the closing on that transaction.  ALSO it will set you up to have a very difficult transaction next time out with that same Realtor.  I don’t know about you, but I want other Realtors to WANT to work with me, not dread it.  That is where I best serve my clients by having a reputation for being fair and honest in my dealings with other Realtors.  Just last week I had an experience that validated that philosophy first hand again.  Without giving too much boring detail I called a listing agent to tell her that I thought I would be writing an offer on her listing and I was checking to make sure it was still available.  She, in a panicked voice said yes but please  bring your offer soon as another one is coming in from an agent who has a bad reputation as being less than honest and hard to work with.  Guess which offer got accepted??  It was in the listing agent’s client’s best interest to go with a transaction that had the best chance of moving to fruition with a win/win ideology.   She was actually relieved to not have to deal with the other likely battle laden transaction.  My clients got their offer accepted, at least partly, because of my own reputation.  That is how I think I best represent my clients.

It’s true, some of life’s best lessons were taught to us as kids.  We just need to remember simple things like the Golden Rule to get along well in life and serve our clients well.

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Fred Adams