“Location, Location, Location”, or is it?

We have all seen and heard this oft quoted phrase in relation to real estate values.  While there is some truth to that it misses an all important fact. PRICE CURES ALL!  While location is a prime consideration in searching for or pricing a property, it isn’t everything.  Here in Corvallis everyone has their favorite neighborhoods, local locations and schools that they personally feel are the “best” for them.  Most often those values are ones that are shared by a great number of Corvallis families searching for homes. However that doesn’t mean that this perceived prime location is shared by everyone or that there aren’t great housing deals to be made in many other areas.  Value has to do with demand.  Combined enthusiasm might serve to swing the pricing up in a particular area but that doesn’t make a home in that neighborhood a better deal.  Pricing on a slightly different Willamette Valley local might make that a much better deal for a person or family with different priorities.

In a recent article written by Blanche Evans and posted on Realty times this opinion is further fleshed out.  You might enjoy following this link to this article and many others on my Realty Times Articles Web page:


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