No One Wins All The Time.

I had a difficult closing this past week.  It was one of the rare experiences for me in my career of 35 years that I had a seller actually lose money!  I know it was not my fault but even after all these years I have never learned to take the emotion out of transactions.  I think I may have been more upset than my seller was.  This buyer, a referral from a multi time client of mine, came to me a little over two years ago for help in finding the perfect home.  We found one that really pleased this buyer and we moved ahead on it.  Little did we know that the bottom was going to fall out of the market and this buyer proceeded to make several somewhat expensive updates to the property.  The combination of the market turn down and the improvements made the home almost impossible to sell when this buyer’s situation changed about a year after the purchase.  The home was unique and charming and seemed worth the try to price in a range to pretty much recover their purchasing costs but we started the game of chasing the down market.  That can be a very discouraging game.  Finally we decided to take a few months break from the marketing efforts and approached the market new this spring.  To further complicate matters this home, all of a sudden, appeared in the new flood map zone.  We just couldn’t win!

Just when discouragement was about to hit the wall again, along came a buyer who fell in love this home just like by seller did when it was purchased.  Plus, an all cash buyer so no worries about the flood insurance.  After all this waiting the right situation presented itself and we are all set to close this week.  My buyer has understood all of this and is thankful to move on with his life and seems more than happy with the results.  Now, if I could just shake off the displeasure that the whole thing seems to have created inside my mind!  I guess if I really get to enjoy most of my transactions there have to be a few that are not so perfect too!

Maybe time for Fred to grow up a little!?!


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Fred Adams