I have been in residential real estate for over 35 years now.  Often, brokers my age have transitioned over to doing more commercial and industrial marketing.  I have been asked frequently why I haven’t moved on to where the “big bucks” are.  I know the reason has two parts.  One is that the commercial/industrial segment of the real estate market is a financial numbers game.  Fred’s mind is not wired well for financial analysis.  A certain amount of that is needed in residential real estate but honestly it is much more a people game which suits my strengths much better.  Secondly it is the pleasure of serving individuals, couples and families and helping them find the best home they can or make that great investment.  It sill “floats my boat” to see how thankful and excited people are about being helped through that process.  The emotional “pay day” is the other reason why I stay working closer with people than with numbers.

Recently I closed a transaction that was in a lower price range than normal for my area and on top of that I had to pay a rather hefty referral fee to the out of state broker that referred this seller to me.  It ended up being one of the most time consuming transactions of the year. It took a long time to sell despite all the best marketing efforts.  When it finally did sell there were sale fails and inspection surprises around every corner.  My client, an older widow, really had only me to lean on (locally) to get through all these emotional mine fields.  Even though some of those moments were “testy”, to say the least, I loved the time I spend with her.  The financial pay day on this one was minimal but the emotional pay day was huge!!

I still hear from this wonderful woman occasionally and I continue to get those “emotional paydays” .  I have included a short part of one of her recent emails just to give you an idea of what I mean by emotional payday.

“I don’t know how many times I have started you a letter since I got here, but I had trouble coming up with the right words and seem to get stuck on stupid… are so caring, so handsome, so caring, so handso…well, you get the picture! What I didn’t tell you is, while you were playing nurse maid, I had been faking this whole thing….Are you smiling? Kidding…..

You truly are a unique individual Fred and I feel it an honor to have know you. I also enjoyed many of our visit’s and talks, it certainly makes me understand all the more one’s life style and why I believe what I do. If Neil were here today, it woudn’t bother him a bit for me to say the things I say. He was very much a gentleman and he would thank you for all you did for me.”


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Fred Adams