So, what’s the summer bringing in the Willamette Valley Real Estate Market??

So, what’s the summer bringing?  Spring was hot as pistol for real estate sales in the Corvallis area.  One month, as I reported earlier, I had three offers put together that were either $10,000 or $11,000 over list price.  In each case it took that for the buyer to be successful.  Are we to expect that all summer here in the Willamette Valley Real Estate Market??

Traditionally we have learned to expect that early spring ends up being the hottest market in this area.  Summer is good but since Corvallis is a College town it tends to get just a little “sleepy” in the summertime.  Between that lethargy and summertime vacations we typically see some quieting in the pressure on the market.  Now, just because we have experienced that year after year doesn’t mean that it doesn’t surprise us anew each time.  We just get so accustom to running faster and faster that the moment we get a chance to catch our breath we panic and immediately think, “What happened to the market?”  Upon reflection we remind ourselves that in a typical year, this is a typical pattern.

It remains to be soon whether this typical pattern will hold true this year but right at this moment I am suspecting that it just might.  After all, didn’t I just get a chance to catch my breath!?!


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