Struggling With Social Media

Let me say first that I am not really a very “social animal”.  While I am quite vocal and somewhat animated in my opinions and observations once aroused I am really, by nature, a rather quiet person.  I have never enjoyed large social gatherings unless I am lucky enough to find one or two more outgoing conversationalists to spend the time with.  Then I am in my element.  I enjoy the give and take of sharing of ideas, thoughts and feelings.  I am just not very good at initiating those kinds of conversations.

Why would this personality even be attracted to, let alone be successful in the field of Real Estate.? Simply, when I am at work I am helping people.  I always have something to say.  Over 40 years of experience has given me no end of stories, examples and insights into matters relevant to the idea of buying or selling a home.  Sometimes I actually find myself asking people I am working with if I am talking too much.  I try to be sensitive to listen and read faces as much as I talk.  Although I might be the disseminator of information, I am also a major receptor to reactions, feelings and thoughts of the people I am trying to help.

On to social media.  Many of my colleagues are masters at Facebook, Twitter, Link’d In etc.  It is quite foreign to me as it requires me to initiate ideas and thoughts to open space.  There is no one to react to.  In this situation I find it hard to think that I have anything to say that is actually worthy of putting it forth to the open universe.  One on one I can do that just fine because I am also reacting to what I am reading from the person I am sharing with.  To open space it feels like boasting and crowing just to put those opinions out there.  Somewhere in there are the still buried early year inferiority feelings.  I know they are there, I struggle to keep them at bay and am largely successful at doing that.  Years of working on myself and with others around those issues have improved my self-outlook greatly.  However, I am also a great believer that our issues will always be our issues.  We just learn better tools and ways of dealing with them so they are less and less in control.

I am told that to be competitive in today’s market I have to be visible in social media. So, I have a presence.  A weak one perhaps, but I am there and I struggle to find ways to make anything I put out there seem relevant and worth looking at. Mostly I do that by reposting or retweeting things I have found that others have said or reported on that seem worthwhile to me.  That feels safe if not all that original.  Now and then I venture into areas where I am truly just reflecting on matters that feel important to me.  Those will most often pop up in my blogs which I have from time to time posted in other formats too.  The “old dog” is still out there trying to find a place of relevance swathed in comfort. I just need to do it my way and with little fanfare.


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