Sweetness and sorrow, just like all of life.

I got and email yesterday that left me shaking and pondering.  A little over a year ago I sold a downsizing home to a really dear couple that was moving inland from the coast to be closer to family.  It was easy to tell from the interaction between them that they had spent nearly a lifetime together.  Their friendly banter and surface level disagreement was always tempered by sweet smiles and acknowledged “There you go again” looks to me on the side. I was charmed by them.  I showed them one house and that was it!  She knew that was what she wanted.  That worried me and I really pretty much made them look at several more so they could feel confident that this house really was right.  I kind of had to agree with them, the house fit perfectly what they were looking for but I was concerned that they really couldn’t  know that without seeing enough of the wrong houses.  Well, I guess we were both right.  They did look at the other houses but then she looks at me and says, “Well, can we buy the one we want  now?  Have you made your point?”  This of course was said in a rather mocking manner with a sly smile peeking at the corners of her mouth.  Of course, I gave her permission and we moved zealously ahead.  All through this transaction and even following both of these lovely people were constant in their praise and compliments.  (Several months ago I wrote about PAYDAYS, this couple was an emotional payday every time I saw them).

Eventually, of course, the transaction closed and they moved in.  I have seen them several times since then and have occasionally dropped small gifts on their door and exchanged emails rarely.  Then I get THE email.  He has sent me a copy of her obituary.  She died peacefully in her sleep. Now, both of these gentle people are of an age where that cannot really be a huge surprise but I had just seen them a few weeks ago as we passed in traffic and she gave me her excited hello and energetic wave through the car windows and then they were gone whisked away in traffic.  Now she is really gone and I never really took the time to tell her how much I appreciated her. That makes me sad.  I should have taken the time to stop by and just chatted away.  They would have been easy to do that with. My gosh I passed by all those potential emotional PAYDAYS just because I was too busy or didn’t want to intrude.  I just can’t get this off my mind.  Sweetness and sorrow, just like all of life.


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