The West Heats Up!

As financial news speaks more and more to a housing recovery I always think about how that relates to me, my clients and the local housing market in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and more specifically Benton County and Corvallis. Having been a full time realtor in Corvallis for over 32 years I have seen all kinds of markets come and go. The one constant I have seen through all these markets has been our local resiliency. Whenever the market takes a downturn which seems to be fairly predictable at least once a decade, Corvallis has always “gone into the trough slower and popped out faster “ (quoting a phrase of my own which I have used over and over again in those 32 years) than almost any other part of the state. Once again that is the case. According to CNN Money (on line) Corvallis is one of the 10 areas in the country where prices not only have bottomed out but are fastest rising.

One interesting side note here is that the photo that accompanies this section of the article is of a house that I have had at least three transactions on over the 32 years! Small world!

Beyond Corvallis the article mentions 10 other fastest rising cities. All of them in the WEST! Most of them are on the west coast but there are a few in the middle west too. The article mentions 3 Oregon towns. Medford, Corvallis and Eugene. Here is a link to the whole article!

Nice to see the continuing outpouring of positive news about the housing industry!

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