What a surprising holiday season.

What a surprising holiday season. The market here in Oregon, as in many areas, normally slows down drastically for the holidays. As I normally counsel my sellers to expect things to be pretty quiet during this season they were pretty pleasantly surprised at the traffic they did attract. I had a number of multiple offers during this period too. All this is further support that we seem to be following the national trend towards an improving market. Statistics keep pointing to this but to actually experience it is makes it much more real. Of course there are still lots of economic things to worry about. A congress much more concerned with their own reelection than possibly doing the right thing doesn’t help. We still have the debt ceiling debate ahead as of this writing and there is discussion of removing or altering the home mortgage deduction on income taxes. DESPITE all the negatives lurking in the shadows buyers and sellers are moving ahead in increasing numbers. Sometimes we just get tired of bad news and make our own good news! Hurrah for the American Spirit!!

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Fred Adams