What The Heck Is Mid Willamette Valley Real Estate Market Doing Anyway?!?

Good question and no matter who I talk to no one seems to have a great handle on it.  Last year was a record breaker for me.  I helped more families buy and sell homes in the Corvallis and Willamette Valley area than any other year in my 40+ years of real estate practice.  I sure didn’t see any reason for that to change this year.  If anything it should be even better as consumer confidence seems to be rising.  However, those darn phone, email and text systems are alarming quiet!

I keep getting a glimmer of excitation that makes me think we are back and then flat line again!  Corvallis homes for sale are rather low in inventory and that is part of the problem.  As prices have come back up more and more families once again have some good equity but not all of them realize it.  Interest rates while slowly climbing and still near historic lows and common sense is betting on that rate not changing dramatically until it is clear that we are feeling more robust in our economic outlook.

Recently, Margaret Kelly CEO of RE/MAX International was interviewed on CNN about how the national market was doing.  I thought you might appreciate her national insights:

Margaret Kelly on CNBC Squawk Box March 28, 2014


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